Two fully funded PhD scholarships

bridging machine learning, data science, and biology

Summary: We are inviting highly motivated candidates to apply for fully funded PhD scholarships to join Professor Oliver Y. Chén's team. The team works on developing new machine-learning methods and statistical models to bridge the brain, behaviour, brain diseases, and brain-genome interface. We have open positions around: (a) building new machine-learning and statistical models, (b) brain-genome-brain diseases interface, and (c) digital health (see details below). Additionally, the students, if interested, have opportunities to collaborate on other exciting internal and external projects. The students will have joint affiliations with both the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) and the University of Lausanne.



I. Contexte: What does our group do?

We work on developing new machine-learning and statistical methods and analyse data related to the brain, genes, and behaviour, in health and disease. Our data are recorded from diverse sources, from MRI machines to digital devices such as smartphones.


Our focus is threefold. (a) Building new, methodologically exciting models to address real-world problems. (b) Using these methods to investigate the interplays between the brain, genes, and behaviour, and when/how they cause diseases; to identify markers to diagnose and prognose patients; to predict disease severity cross-sectionally and longitudinally. (c) Translating our algorithms into affordable medical devices and free health apps.

II. Mission

III. Profil: What are we looking for?

Minimum qualifications:

Desired qualifications:

IV. Nous offrons: What do we offer?

V. Contact et envoi de candidature: How to apply?

Please send Professor Oliver Y. Chén ( the following.